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We understand the hesitation and perhaps trepidation businesses may have in making the investment in a video production, so we have simplified the entire creative process into just a few simple steps.

In every step of the way, we always aim to have you at the forefront in getting your message across, involving you as much or as little as you desire.

You are always in control!



This is where we find out exactly what you want. 

We will sit down, one to one with you, spend time learning about your business/organisation, the value of how the content  produced will benefit you, and most importantly... what do you want to say? 

By the end of this step we will have an achievable and workable goal for your end product...




This is where you find out what we propose to deliver.

Before we delve into production, we will provide you with a fully mapped out, structured brochure which will include: details of the type and quantity of content we’ll produce, whether it be a single, snappy 30 second instagram video, several in-depth product launch videos or a full blown company story. This will also include an estimated length and short synopsis for the film(s).

We will also provide all the details you may wish to know for the shoot including: filming date(s), crew size, location(s) required, duration of filming and the post-production schedule, outlining the timescale for editing, sound mixing and graphic design.

Finally, we will conclude by highlighting the total cost for the project.

From this stage, with your approval of course, we’ll be ready to shoot...



Capturing your vision.

With everything discussed, agreed, prepped and ready to go, using high-quality, professional equipment, we’ll gather all the footage (and more) to bring your vision to life. 

Due to a projects varying scale and complexity, this step will be tailored to fit your budget and brief, but always with the goal to capture the highest level of quality and professional content in order to be able to achieve the best possible end-product.


Once filming is wrapped, we will be able to move on to the post-production stage...




Bringing your vision to life.

Once we’ve got the footage we need, we can start to edit it all together. After a few days you’ll have a first (rough) cut and will be in the driver’s seat to make any changes you require. We will then spend the time to ensure that we produce the highest quality final product including any music, SFX, visual effects and graphics that the final product may require. 

Based on your treatment from step 2, you will have a good understanding of how long this process may take, but we always aim to have the end-product done under the swiftest of deadlines. 

Following post-production, your final product will be ready…



Your film will be handed over!

With everything wrapped up and cut together, the last thing to do is to hand over all of the deliverables previously discussed and agreed upon. We will put together a professional package and  have your films presented on a hard copy with digital files also available for download in the highest quality format.

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