Here at Bentley Media, we strive for the highest quality of videography and combine our skills and experience to offer a variety of services...

...Specialising in two main areas:



Promotional FILMS

Our goal is to bring your vision to life!

We can tailor to any budget and scale; so whether you're a lone individual wishing to promote a starter business and need some content -- or you're a larger scale organisation seeking to invest in rebranding yourself, we can work to maximise the potential that storytelling has of evoking a clear and definitive message.

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Whether it's bottled water or CCTV equipment, we can bring the launch of any product to life with a snappy, stylish and highly professional video. 

At Bentley Media we value the importance of clever and engaging branding; that's why we work directly with you -- from brainstorming to final edit -- in order to ensure that we develop a stylish, entertaining, and of course, informative end-product. 

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