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At Bentley Media we offer a variety of high-end creative content, ranging from slick promotional films, to highly professional product videos. 

With our in house team and resources, we work with the client to bring their vision to life, be it a fully fledged story driven advertisement, a simple interview setup, or striking visuals packed into a 90 second film. 

Whatever it is, we always strive for the highest quality product, taking care of every aspect of the process, from the initial talks with clients, to the filming and photography, right through to post-production where every step is carried out in house.

What we offer...


Whatever the scale, scope or budget, our dedicated team can bring your vision to life in the form of a promotional film; ensuring your message always gets across, from initial brainstorming right through to the final cut.

Promotional Films

Watt Water 1.jpg

Looking for a short and snappy promotional video for your product?

Let us create a video perfect for showing off your products from 30 second adverts, to lengthier, in-depth product demonstrations.

Product Videos

Our Work

Feel free to browse through some of our previous work. 

Ranging in tone, pace, style and tempo -- you'll hopefully get a sense of the level of quality we aspire to, on every project we undertake. 

The process

Here at Bentley Media we value the craft and impeccable detail of storytelling. In our minds, the clients vision is key to a successful film.

Have a look at our simple, five step process to achieving a notable film.

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Bentley Media LTD, Delph New Road, Manchester, OL3 5BG

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